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101 Reasons to Volunteer! (National Volunteer Month)

April 2, 2018



to celebrate national volunteer month, here are

101 Reasons To Volunteer!



  1. Add new meaning to your life

  2. Meet new people

  3. Build your resume

  4. Take personal satisfaction

  5. Impress your mom

  6. Explore new vistas

  7. Gain good work experience

  8. Do your part

  9. Impress yourself

  10. Add sunshine to someone’s day

  11. Show that you care

  12. Feel good about yourself

  13. Stay young at heart

  14. Teach others

  15. Better your community

  16. Promote a project

  17. Enrich your life

  18. Enjoy new experiences

  19. Learn about life

  20. Put caring into action

  21. Fight crime

  22. Feel appreciated

  23. See others smile

  24. Answer a need

  25. Improve your outlook on life

  26. Become confident

  27. Have fun

  28. Tackle new challenges

  29. Grow from the experience

  30. Add new meaning to life

  31. Develop new skills

  32. Keep active

  33. Feel a sense of accomplishment

  34. Experience other lifestyles

  35. Help your neighbors

  36. Help wipe out poverty

  37. Reach out to others

  38. Deepen your sense of belonging

  39. Inspire others

  40. Erase illiteracy

  41. For the love of children

  42. Achieve self-fulfillment

  43. Connect with your community

  44. Build shelters for the homeless

  45. Get that positive spirit flowing

  46. Bring the community together

  47. Be a positive influence

  48. Preserve the environment

  49. Build self-esteem

  50. Impact a child’s future

  51. Spread joy

  52. Build a better future

  53. Pass along wisdom

  54. Raise your awareness

  55. Give and gain

  56. Show your compassion

  57. Provide comfort

  58. Give hope to others

  59. Experience new excitement

  60. Support a cause

  61. Build a stronger community

  62. Cheer up a shut-in

  63. Bridge the Generation gap

  64. Declare your dedication

  65. Assist an agency

  66. Make dreams come true

  67. Set a positive example

  68. Help others reach their potential

  69. Delight in your efforts

  70. Help those who can’t help themselves

  71. Make new friends

  72. Lift someone’s spirits

  73. Plant a community garden

  74. Develop new talents

  75. Showcase good citizenship

  76. Change someone’s life

  77. Give back to the community

  78. Tutor a teen

  79. Right a wrong

  80. Help others stay healthy

  81. Put your skills to work

  82. Blaze a trail

  83. Make your mark

  84. Make your community safe

  85. Gain new insights

  86. Be part of a team

  87. Help a friend

  88. Mentor a minor

  89. Understand new cultures

  90. Add meaning to your day

  91. Savor the love of others

  92. Clean up a park

  93. Assist at school

  94. Achieve harmony in life

  95. Feed the hungry

  96. Relieve disaster

  97. Get energized

  98. Be a companion

  99. Motivate others

  100. Make the world a better place

  101. Because it’s the right thing to do


Help us out and volunteer today! Visit our Volunteer tab for details.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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